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Preparing for Your Home Energy Assessment

Our certified HERS Raters make your home energy assessment an easy process. This article will help prepare you for your home energy assessment.

Before the energy assessor visits your house, make a list of any existing problems such as condensation and uncomfortable or drafty rooms. Have copies or a summary of the home’s yearly energy bills. (Your utility may be able to provide these to you or you may be able to get them online.) Assessors use this information to establish what to look for during the audit. The assessor will also talk with you to better understand your needs and interests in having an assessment.  The assessor will examine the outside of the home to determine the size of the house and its features (i.e., wall area, number and size of windows). The assessor then will analyze how you use your home:

  • Is anyone home during working hours?
  • What is the average thermostat setting for summer and winter?
  • How many people live in the home?
  • Is every room in use?

Your answers may help uncover some simple ways to reduce your household’s energy consumption. Walk through your home with the assessor and ask questions.


hand changing thermostat settings
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