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Common Air-Sealing Mistakes to Avoid for Long Island Homes

Air-sealing your home significantly reduces heat transfer, maximizing energy efficiency and overall indoor comfort. This post discusses some common mistakes made when air-sealing your home. At Radiant Drywall & Insulation, we tailor our air-sealing solutions to your home’s unique specifications and features.

Incomplete Sealing

Leaving gaps or missing spots during the sealing process, such as gaps around windows, doors, and electrical outlets, can lead to air leaks and reduced effectiveness.

Ignoring Attic and Basement Areas

Neglecting to seal gaps and openings in attics, basements, and crawl spaces can allow unconditioned air to infiltrate, affecting indoor comfort and energy efficiency.

Improperly Sealed Ducts

Overlooking leaks in HVAC ductwork can result in conditioned air being lost to unconditioned spaces, leading to energy waste and temperature inconsistencies.

Not Sealing Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets can be sources of air leakage. If not sealed properly, they can undermine the effectiveness of insulation and air sealing.

Overlooking Exterior Penetrations

Holes from cable or plumbing entry points, vents, and exhaust fans in exterior walls can allow outdoor air to enter. Not sealing these penetrations can impact energy efficiency.

Sealing Too Tightly

While air sealing is essential, excessively tight sealing can lead to poor indoor air quality by limiting fresh air exchange, potentially causing ventilation-related problems.

Not Conducting a Blower Door Test

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air-sealing a skylight window
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